verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar 21 July 2021

Protests in Dawei

Anti-dictatorship protest movements by the coalition strike of Dawei’s main strike and students strike on July 21

Scenes of candlelight night strike against military dictatorship as seen in Dawei tonight.

No-human candlelight night strike was demonstrated in Ashaetaw area in the eastern part of Dawei to against the Military Junta tonight.

Demonstrations Launglon

Local residents of Launglon’s Nyinmaw village marched against military regime this morning.

Youths from the main strike of LongLone Township held a domestic strike against the Military Dictatorship due to Junta's brutal abductions & deadly oppressions amid Covid.

In the afternoon of July 21, anti-regime protesters held a paper strike at their homes in Sitpye Village, Launglon Township to prevent COVID-19 disease.

Shirtless Revolutionary Youths from  AukKyoutWut village LaungLone township staged a rally to protest Against Military Rule

Youths from Aut Yebyu village LaungLone township staged a guerrilla strike to against the Military Junta

A Peaceful marching strike with motorbikes was held by the residents in Wadi village, LongLone Township despite Junta's deadly oppressions amid Covid.

Protests ThayetChaung

Thayetchaung Townships pro-democracy activists united & launched a protest against military oppression.

Domestic Strike from OatTu village ThayetChaung township on July 21 to show their Defiance to Regime.

Jul 22, 2021