verview of what happened in Yangon, Myanmar, 2021

Demonstrations Yangon

Guerrilla style anti-SAC (State Administration Council) protest march against the dictatorship was staged by the students of Thingangyun Townhip, Yangon on June 29 who were chanting revolutionary slogans.

Awesome and inspiring civilians of Tharketa, Yangon, used Guerilla tactics to avoid bullets and protest against dictatorship efficiently at the same time.

Protests Yangon

Youths from South Dagon Township ,Yangon held a candle lights strike tonight to commemorate the fallen heroes who give their lives in the fight for Democracy on the night of June 29.

Regular Turn off Light Strike and paper strike with candle light was continued to stage by pro democracy young people in ShwePyiThar Township,Yangon tonight.

Explosions, Random Shooting, Security Checks & Arrests in Yangon

Mini explosions, this time in Tamwe township Yangon, Myanmar, seem to be happening almost on a daily basis. This also seems to anger the military security forces who can't seem to pin down culprits. Instead they take out frustration by firing randomly

SAC (State Administration Council) forces were seen inspecting the bypassing vehicles at a poultry market in Tamwe Township, Yangon.

8 family members including lawyer WaiWaiKhaing were abducted by SAC (State Administration Council) forces in Nweni 4th street, North okkalapa, Yangon June 29 at around 8:30 am.

Jun 30, 2021