verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar 22 July, 2021

Protest Dawei

Domestic Paper Strike by the youths from Dawei at against military regime due to current outbreak of COVID-19.

Coalition strike of Dawei’s main strike and Students strike held marching protest to against military dictatorship today

Protest march by the coalition strike of Dawei’s main strike and students strike in Launglon’s Konezayat village this afternoon.

Demonstrations & Protests Launglon

Residents in NyinMaw village, LongLone Township marched and protested against the Military Dictatorship chanting anti coup slogans on this morning despite the tight security.

A group of young people from Launglon’s Aut Yebyu village went on a guerrilla strike today against military dictatorship.

A group of basic education students in Thapyeshwng village Launglon township staged a protest to show solidarity against terrorist regime on Thursday.

Basic education students from Pandele village Launglon township staged a protest against military dictatorship today (July 22).

Fearless Students from Kadatgyi village LongLone Township calling UN to accept NUG Myanmar (National Unity Government, a government in exile) and reject SAC (State Administration Council).  

In Laung Lone Township, Rural Strikes against the Military Regime took place in Kadat Gyi, Kone Zayet, Mae Maw village on July 22.

Fearless young people from Auk Yephyu village, Launglon Township staged Guerilla style anti-coup strike on July 22

Evening  Strike against Military dictatorship in Kone Zayat Village, Laung Lone Township , Dawei July 22

''We Never Silence Under Military Dictatorship'' Locals from MaKyunMaw village, LongLone Township marched and chanted slogans against the Military Dictatorship on the evening of July 22.

Never Cold-Blooded residents in Kyon Kyun Village, LaungLone Township staged night strike against the dictator amid the rain and wind.

Protest in Yebyu & ThayetChaung

Scenes of "Domestic Paper Strike" in Kanbauk area of Yebyu township today July 22

In Thayet Chaung Township, on the morning of July 22, COVID-19 information leaflets were distributed by the protesters under the theme "Protect COVID and Resist the Dictatorship".

Jul 23, 2021