verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, 19 August, 2021

Protests in Launglon

Anti-regime protesters from rural area of Launglon township marched in protest against military dictatorship today (August 18).

Residents of LaungLone staged a domestic Paper strike to uproot the Military dictatorship.

Fearless protesters from Kanyonekyun village , Launhlon Township marched and protested this afternoon in support of National Unity Government Myanmar and rejection of Military.

18.8.2021 In Dawei, Hundreds of people from LaungLon Township took the streets fearlessly to protest against the Dictatorship and showed their strong support to National Unity Goverment (NUG) Myanmar

Marching Strike to demand for the recognition of NUG (National Unity Government) as a legitimate government and rejection of Junta Military was staged by Auk Yephyu Village Strike in Launglone township on the evening of August 18.

Locals from Makyunmaw village, LaungLon Township marched with motorcycles this evening, shouted slogans to overthrow the Military Dictatorship.

Local residents from Launglon’s Konezayat village staged a night protest tonight, holding torches and chanting revolutionary slogans against military dictatorship.

Protests in Yebyu

A guerrilla protest against military regime was held by revolutionary youths from Dawei’s Yebyu township today (August 18).

18.8.2021 In Tanintharyi Division, Dawei District, Revolutionary students from Yebyu Township staged a guerrilla strike to demand the overthrow of the military dictatorship

Young people from KanPauk, YayPhyu township, Dawei staged the protest in support of NUG (National Unity Government) Myanmar and defy to military regime.

"Placards Strike" was staged by a group of young people from Dawei’s Yebyu township against the Military Regime tonight (August 18)!

Aug 19, 2021