verview of what is happening in Mandalay on April 6

Strikes in Mandalay Continue

Regardless of the brutal crackdowns and massacre by Military Junta, Mandalay Monks Union, Students Union, Industrial Strike and Mya Taung Strike continued marching on the street to protest against the Military Coup.

Medical Family strike cracked down, 4 doctors abducted

The Mandalay Medical Family Strike was violently cracked down by the military when the protesters gathered for protest around 6:00 AM. The junta hit the strike motorbikes with a military truck and abducted not less than 4 doctors. They also aggressively took phones and motorcycles of the protesters.

Phone Checking - Human Rights Violation

Around 9:30 AM, 81st between 23x24 st in Mandalay, the military checked every passersby phone and arrest everyone who has photos or videos and tattoos related with the strike.

Strike in Mogok

In Mogok, the ruby land of Myanmar, Hundreds of people joined together in sit-in protest against military coup today even though there were brutal crackdowns and killings the other days.

Houses banging post and pans shot near Mya Taung Monastery

Military forces opened gunfire in a ward near Mya Taung Monastery in Mandalay last night. They shot every home that the sound of banging pots and pans came.

Status of Internet in Myanmar

It has been 49 days of nightly internet cut off, 21 days of total mobile internet shutdown,6 days of wireless broadband internet banning. Only FTTH wifi is available now in Myanmar and it also depends on the power supply.



Apr 7, 2021