lot happened again on easter Sunday in Mandaly, Myanmar.

Dead Body Found

This morning, the body of a man was found behind CP factory in SatMhu1, Mandalay. Another body was also found the day before which has been placed in front of the same factory- locals said.

At night, A female dead body, found on Manaw Hari road, Mandalay, was seen to be shot in the abdomen. Military terrorists are also seen taking photos of the body's abdomen. She looks like a medical cover according to her outfit.

Mya Taung Strike

The famous Mya Taung Strike in Mandalay never steps down and still protesting strong against dictatorship even though military terrorists are always ready to crack them down brutally.

Strikes by Mandalay Families

Despite lethal crackdowns and brutal killings in Mandalay, Strikes including monks union, students union, education family, medical family, civil servants and residents continued to protest against military regime.

Anti-regime protests in Myanmar’s ruby town

Protesters in Mandalay’s Mogok, known as a ruby town, continued their protests against the military regime.

Active Protester from Mandalay  Dr. Tay Zar San "We are eradicating the military dictatorship, the common enemy of our people."

Said by Dr. Tay Zar San who firstly started the protest against military after dictatorship and actively still participating in the protests

“This spring's revolution is not for the benefit of the individual. We are not just working for the benefit of one party or another. We are eradicating the military dictatorship, the common enemy of our people. We are working for the establishment of a federal democratic union, which is the common goal of our people as a whole. We, the people as a whole, are participating in the revolution with a clear conscience.”



Military Checks phones and vehicles

Since Around 8:30 am, In Mandalay, Terrorists Forces were taking positions in almost every street and they were checking the mobile phones. 69 Ă— 36 st, Terrorists searched and seized all cars and motorcycles. At 11:00 am, at least 2 people were abducted. At 11:45 am, Terrorists fired gunshots when the cars refused to search.


Easter Egg Strike

Myanmar people painted the Easter eggs the Spring Revolution strike signs.


Apr 5, 2021