verview of what happended in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, 2 June, 2021

Demonstrations Dawei

Anti Coup protesters from Dawei took to the streets for memorial of Anniversary of Colonel Ba Htoo who was fallen in WWII fight against Japan  on 2nd June.

On the evening of June 2, protesters from the main strike in Dawei marched and chanted slogans against the military dictatorship.

In Dawei, a group of young people marched in the streets to defy military rules on the night june 2.

Demonstrations Yebyu

Anti-Military Dawn Strike at Kanpauk area, YePyu Township, Dawei. Civilians demanded the immediate release of all detainees, showed support for NUG (National Unity Government) Myanmar & protested against Military Education on the morning of June 2

"Buu(No) strike" [that reject everything from the junta] leaflets was distributed by the youth of Yephyu Township, Dawei District.

Demonstrations Launglon

The main strike of Launglon township, continued to protest against the military regime by the youths on the evening of June 2.

On the morning of June 1, young sport enthusiasts showed solidarity against the military dictatorship in Sitpye Village, Launglon Township.

Youths from NyinMaw village, LaungLone township gathered and protest against dictatorship on 2nd June

Anti-military dictationship protest took place on June 2 in Kone Zayat Village, Laung Lone Township.

Local students in Auk Yae Phyu Village, Laung Lone Township staged evening strike against the Military Regime and its education system on the evening of June 2.

On the night of June 2, a group of people spray painted anti-dictatorship slogans inside the school in Pyin Htein Village, Launglon Township.

A Candle Light Strike was held in Kanyone Kyun village, Launglon township protested to fall down of the military dictatorship on the night of June 2.

Demonstrations ThayetChaung

On June 2, protesters in Oketu village in Thayet Chaung Township protested to defy military rules.

Marching with motorcycle strike to oppose the military dictatorship  in Thin Kyun Village, Thayet Chaung Township on the afternoon of June 2.

An anti-military night strike was held in Nyaung Zin Village, Thayet Chaung Township on the night of June 2.

Arrests & Sentenced to Jail in Myeik

Makeup Artist Nadi Hline was arbitrarily arrested by the Junta from her NadiHline Makeup Shop in Myeik on the early morning of June 2, The Junta couldn’t find her friend who’s been issued arrest warrant.

Tanintharyi Region's Myeik -based 2 journalists -- Ko Aung Kyaw, who works for DVB and Ko Zaw Zaw, who works for Mizzima -- were Sentenced to 2 years in prison on June 2.

Jun 3, 2021