verview of what happened in Yangon, Myanmar 13 August

Demonstrations Yangon

Anti regime protestors from Dala township, Yangon, peacefully gathered to protest against dictatorship.

Anti-Junta guerrilla strike staged by South Okkalapa Students Union ,Yangon on 13 August.

Arrests Yangon

Ko Thar Zaw, the leader of a charity group in Yangon's HlaingTharYar Township, was arrested by Myanmar Military Forces.

SAC (State Administration Council) troops broke into an apartment at Baho street, SanChaung Township, Yangon around 10:40 pm last night & arrested at least 2 youths.

A directive to prosecute 63 famous artists who support the National Unity Government on Facebook with the profile pictures campaign, went viral today. A Yangon Division police official confirmed the letter.

Aug 14, 2021