verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, 10 June 2021

Demonstrations in Dawei

Dawn Strike in Dawei protest against the military regime.

A group of young people in Dawei staged a guerrilla protest march this afternoon.

The spring revolution night strike by the youths in southern part of #Dawei with motorbikes on June10.

Demonstrations in Launglon

Early morning strike of Maungmakan village, LongLone Township.

Local residents in Sat Pye village Launglon township staged a protest march this morning in defiance of the military regime.

Anti-military protesters strike against the dictatorship in NyinMaw Village, LaungLone Township, Dawei District Tanintharyi Region.

Protests against the military dictatorship took place in villages such as Nyin Maw & Maungmakan village of Longlone Tsp.

On the afternoon of June 10, residents in Nyaw Pyin Village, Launglon Township protested against the military dictatorship.

Scenes of people protesting against the dictatorship in Gaw In village, LongLone Township.

Marching strike against the military dictatorship in Kadatgyi village in LongLone Township on the evening of June10.

Marching protest against the military dictatorship in GawInn village in LongLone Township on June10.

Night Candle Light Strike in Kanyonekyun Village, LaungLone township on the night of 10 June

Demonstrations in ThayetChaung

Pro democracy residents from PaneTaw Village, Thayet Chaung township staged an evening strike to demand the end of military dictator.

Video footage of Motorcycles Strike in Thin Kyone village Thayet Chaung township on June 10.

Local residents from Southern part of Thayet Chaung township staged a marching strike this evening to defy military rules.

A guerrilla strike was held by local people in Panchi Shawng village, Thayet Chaung Township, against the military dictatorship.

Arrests & Sentenced to Jail in Myeik, Dawei & Yebyu

The Junta Court in Myeik sentenced 32 activists & protestors to 2 yrs & 4 yrs imprisonment each on June 8.  A well-known Poet, Maung Yu Paing was included. Six of them are women protestors. Among the lists, the court sentenced two young protestors up to 4 years in jail: "All these people were detained in Myeik prison since March 9 and most charged with Penal Code 505."

At least three young villagers were abducted from their houses by the SAC police forces in Yebyu Township last night, according to local sources.  They are Zin Myo Paing, Ye Lin Oo and Aye Naing, all are the resident of Thit Tho Htauk village, Yebyu Township. Their mobile phones were confiscated: "I think these arrests are a sequence of the recent night-strikes. Most young people are involved in the guerrilla strikes over the past few weeks," one of their neighbours confirmed the arrests. Four days ago, two villagers from this Thi THo Htauk village were shot dead and cremated by the SAC security forces in Yebyu.

At around 5 pm on June 10, the Junta arrested a young man named Ko Wai Yan Kyaw on Myothit 7th Road in Dawei.

Jun 11, 2021