verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, July 11, 2021

Demonstrations in Dawei

Anti-regime protesters from Dawei wards strike marched against military dictatorship this afternoon.

Dawei's Main Strike and Students Strike hit to the streets with motorbikes and shouted revolutionary slogans on the  afternoon of July 11.

An anti-terrorism movement was held in Ashae TawNal, Dawei on the evening of July 11.

Demonstrations in Launglon

Revolutionary slogans from the guerrilla protest of Launglon township on the afternoon of 11 July.

SAC (State Administration Council) raided Yayphyu village tract, Launglone, stormed into houses since 4am on the morning of 11 July with full weapons. About 4 villagers had been arrested including a father & his son for having air guns. U Soe Win Aung for leading strikes. SAC also raided and looted things from U Soe Win Aung's store. Villagers of Yayphyu march everyday to protest Against Dictatorship and that's why Junta are oppressions there. 45 soldiers have been patrolling the village.

Youths From KyetYetDwin village LaungLone township send Encourages to AukYayPhyu villages Group which are currently Oppressed by the Junta.

To encourage the people of Aut Yebyu village, young people in Nyawbyin village Launglon township went on a paper strike this morning.

Protesters chanting revolutionary slogans from the Nyinmaw village of Launglon township on the afternoon of July 11.

A protest march against the Military Dictatorship was held in Sitpye village, Longlone Township.

Demonstrations in ThayetChaung

"Domestic paper strike" Local people in Thayet Chaung Township, Pein Taw Village, youths protest against the military dictatorship on 11 July.

Peaceful night protest in support of NUG (National Unity Government) Myanmar in Thayetchaung Township.

Demonstrations in Yebyu

On the evening of July 11, protesters marched in Kanpauk area , Yebyu Township, Dawei District, marking the 153rd day of the overthrow of the Terrorist Military Council.

Tanintharyi Division, Dawei District, youths in Kanpauk area of ​​Yebyu Township staged a night of protest to overthrow the military dictatorship, praying for the martyrs of the Spring Revolution.

Revolutionary youths from Dawei’s Yebyu township staged a guerrilla protest against terrorist regime this afternoon.

Solo protest against the coup regime in Myeik!

Jul 12, 2021