verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, may 18, 2021

On the morning of May 18, anti-military protests took place in Nyin Maw village, Laung Lone Township.

Educational Family Strike and Strike of Yebyu village, Longlone Township joined together protest against the Military Dictatorship and military education system.

Students, teachers and residents from Lower Yay Phyu Village, LaungLone township, Dawei region protest against Military Education System in the morning of May 18

Protest against the Terrorist Council in Sitpyel village, Launglon Township.

The anti-regime rally stated by the locals in Maungmakan Village, Launglon Townshp.

On the morning may 18, protesters marched in Kanpauk area of ​​Yebyu Township. About 70 protesters demanded the immediate release of all political activists. They also expressed support for National Unity Government (NUG) and opposition to the military education

Afternoon strike of Launglon, Dawei 18 May.

Opposing the education system strike held at Myohaung village, Launglon, Dawei on 18 May.

Ma Thae Pwint Phyu:  She was shot in the neck with rubber bullets on Mar 9, arrested & released later. She was arrested again by Myanmar security forces from her home in Myeik, Tanintharyi Region. She is accused of getting military training

A protest against the military dictatorship took place on May 18 in Mya Khapat Village, LaungLone Township.

Amid arrests and tight security, Dawei youths took to the streets to protest for release of All detainees and show support of Mindat on May 18.

Candlelight night time strike in Launglone, Dawei

An anti-military night strike was held in Mya Khapat village, Laung Lone Township.

Young people from Kyat Yettwin Village, Launglon Township marched in the streets to protest against military dictatorship this evening.

Ko Kyaw Myo Tun (b) Yay Win was arbitrarily arrested by the Junta at Military Hospital, Kawthaung townshipsp, Tanintharyi Region at around 4pm on May18.

An anti-military motorcycle night strike was held on May 18 in Taung Min Pyaung Village, Laung Lone Township.

May 19, 2021