ven though there have been brutal killings by the Junta, Mandalay Students union strike, Motorbike Strike, Education Family and Mandalay Yadanapon University students are still going strong against dictatorship and fighting for democracy.


10,000+ people protest in Amarapura

Mandalay Peace strike with Amarapura residents on the morning of April 3, more than 10,000 people protested near Amarapura Taungthaman Inn against the dictatorship.

Just before the end of the protest route, three military vehicles arrived and used three sound grenades to disperse the crowd.

Anti-regime protesters in Myanmar’s UNESCO World Heritage Site Bagan took to the streets on their motorbikes today.

Military terrorists removed the barricades set by civilians in Ma Naw Ha Yi street, Mandalay with bulldozers. Witnesses said they also opened gunfires for no reason. Around 3:30 PM on 65th st, Ma Naw Ha Yi, Terrorist forces took away an injured body with handcuffs. Also on 110 street violent crackdowns were reported.

Internet status in Myanmar

It's been 46days of nightly internet cut off, 18days of total mobile internet shutdown and 2days of broadband internet cutdown. Fiber internet could go down anytime soon. Junta is trying to coverup the news and blind people in Myanmar.


Apr 4, 2021