verview of what happened in Manadaly, 16/17 July 2021

Demonstrations Mandalay

Mandalay City: Residents joined in Aungbinle protest rally on July 17, in demonstrations for the elimination of Military Tyranny from our land.

17.7.2021 In Mandalay, Educational Strikes from Aung Myay Tharzan Townhsip marched on the streets and protested against the military regime.

Gems merchants and residents of Phayagyi in Mandalay teamed up to show their opposition against military dictatorship.

Mandalay’s Myataung strike was rallied and marched by unrelenting residents, today, undeterred by SAC (State Administration Council) forces’ crackdown in town.

17.7.2021 In Mandalay, Protesters from Chan Mya Tharsi Township marched on the streets and protested against the genocidal dictatorship.

Unrelenting and courageous farmers from NyaungU, Mandalay Division, gathered and demonstrated anti-dictatorship strike.

Monks Protest in Mandalay

“ We have no reason to think that we will get freedom without revolting against dictatorship “ Buddhist monks in Mandalay

Monks from Mandalay Sangha Union protested against the dictatorship and prayed peacefully for the safety of the Myanmar people.

Covid 19 in Mandalay

People are lining up to refill oxygen.

A donation of soup and fried quail for COVID19 patients in Mandalay.

Jul 18, 2021