verview of what happened in Yangon, Myanmar, June 22, 2021

Demonstrations Yangon

Dozens of people stage a flash mob protest against February's Military Coup on the streets of Yangon, holding up three-finger salutes and chanting slogans such as "We want democracy!", "Let’s end the military dictatorship!.

Yangon: Unrelenting young protesters staged another successful flash strike by marching on the streets near Nyaung Pin Lay Market while flashing Three fingers salute, symbol of resistance.

Abolishing fascist military strike held by Gen-Z youths on the YBS (The local busses) at Yangon today

Video clip of Evening Strike against MAL's (Min Aung Hlaing, the chief General and head of the State Administration Council (SAC)) by youths from ShwePyiThar township, Yangon.

Protests in Yangon

Youths in Yangon also joined a Remembrance Poppy🌺 campaign on June 22 for all fallen heroes who fell during the spring revolution due to SAC (State Administration Council) . We will always remember you all.

Student CDMer from Yangon University of Economics protested against the Military Education System on the night of June 22.

"Be safe, Shwe Mandalay." Encouragements for Mandalay by young people in Yangon.

Fighter Jets, Checks, Arrests and Sentenced to Death in Yangon

June 22 1: 55Pm, four fighter jets depart from Yangon Terminal Airport.

Troops were inspecting every vehicle passing in front of Tamwe Yuzana Plaza Tamwe Township, Yangon after 2 explosions went off.

Military vehicles are also seen on Kyimyindaing Bagaya Street in Yangon Division, at around 3:40 pm on June 22.

Ma Hnin Wut Yee (photo) was arbitrarily arrested by the Junta from her home in NorthOkkaka Township , Yangon at around 11 pm on June 21 .

North Okkalapa, Yangon: Ko Ye Yint Paing aka La Pyae, lived in Shwe Pauk Kan 11th Ward, was abducted by SAC (State Administration Council) Forces on April 21 and he was being accused of killing an informant. He has been sentenced to death on June 22. Appeal must be made within 15 days.

Jun 23, 2021