verview of what happened in Myanmar, 4 june 2021

Flash demonstration today was staged by courageous young protesters by flashing three fingers salute and chanting revolutionary slogans.

Yangon youths staged a flash mob protest against the military regime.

Domestic Strike by youths from HtaukKyant , Yangon on June 4.

"LED Strike" by youths from South Dagon,Yangon against Military Regime.


On the 3rd of June in South Okkalapa, Yangon, police in riot gear, stormed a rally and one person was reportedly killed. They chased and arrested 4 young men. The shootings lasted for 10 minutes. 2 were shot.

South Oakkalapa Township, Yangon: Military broke into a house at ThuTa 4 street, vandalized the whole house as they searched for weapons and bombs and arrested the father. They've found nothing.

Jun 5, 2021