verview of what happened in Mandalay on April 11 2021.

Anti-regime Strikes Going on

"Aung Tha Pyay Revolution" by Yadanabon University Students was held in Chan Mya Thar Si Township, Mandalay.


Mya taung strike, group of universities’ students of Mandalay and Monks union in Mandalay continued marching on streets to protest against military dictatorship despite daily Junta’s brutal massacre.

Bomb Blast

A bomb blast took place in front of the Myawaddy Bank at the corner of 26th and 81st street and a security guard is reportedly dead and the cause of the death is still being investigated.

Green Day Strike

Myanmar people do a Green Day strike by writing letters on the green leaves as the meaning of “Dictatorship will fall like old leaves and the new leaf representing democracy of Myanmar is on its way.”

Mogok Strike being cracked down

Peaceful sit-in protest happened in Mogok, Mandalay praying for presiding monk YayPu Sayartaw and those who were sentenced to 3 years in prison on Apr 10. Terrorist Junta violently cracked down on protest using live ammunitions, invaded the wards, destroyed barricades on the streets, used sound bombs to threaten and tried to abduct peaceful protesters in Mogok around 12pm.

Flash Strike at Night

Civilians across Myanmar participated in Flash Strike to show their unity and resistance against military dictatorship.

Flash Strike as an interpretation of “Let the stars shine from the ground.”

Flash Strike being cracked down in Mandalay

Junta terrorists cracked down the FlashStrike by AungMyaeTharSan Tsp abducting civilians and shooting inside houses on 89th street.

Crimes Against Humanity

According to the latest report of AAPP, 701 civilians including 82 alone in Bago Massacre were killed, 3803 were unlawfully abducted and 3012 were still detained by military terrorists. Myanmar military is committing crimes against humanity.


Apr 12, 2021