n interview with a CDF spokesperson Salai BawRit translated from: Khawnutung news

After the unjust coup d’etat by the military on 1 February, 2020, with the aim to protect abduction, suppression, torturing, detaining the unarmed peaceful protesters, CDM staff and the civilian by the military terrorists, Chinland Defense Force (CDF) was founded by Chin nationals from nine townships in Chin state and outside of the state on the 4th of April.

Here is the interview with the CDF spokesperson Salai Bawrit on May 7, 2021.

Q : How was the Chin Defense Force Formed ?

A : We, civilians, peacefully protested the coup at first but the military council tried to stop the protests by brutally raiding, unlawfully arresting, abducting the people and killing the peaceful protesters even though our protest against the dictatorship was peaceful. So, we thought that it would not be ok anymore if we continued peaceful protests, and decided that we have to take responsibility to protect ourselves and we started discussions. In the middle of March, we started discussion with the People’s security forces from 9 towns in the state and formed the CDF on 4th April officially.

Q; What is the main purpose and the policy of the CDF?

A: In CDF, youths joined from different backgrounds and various layers of society. Some of them are students, some are business men, some are joining because of their family situation. We are not based on a political policy, we are just against the dictatorship so we will only resist during this revolution against the coup. Generally, you can assume that our general policy is to protect civilians from the terrorist military council, abolition of the 2008 constitution, to end the dictatorship and to establish a federal union.

Q: How does the Chinland Defense Force Operate ?.

A: We, CDF will always warn in advance the Military council first, let say that we will warn them that don’t make asking money from the travelers, detained civilian and looting properties from the residents. But if they are still doing them by neglecting our warning , we will defend ourselves in various ways for example: Guerrilla war and we already have those kinds of strategies.

Q: What kind of difficulties and challenges does the CDF face ?

A : We face a lot of challenges and difficulties because the military council can detect our places, block our information, block our ration roads and transportation road, so we have difficulties on that but we will still fight as much as we can.

Q : Will the Chinland Defense Force be an ethnic armed organization ?

A: We will not stand as an ethnic armed force, we just formed the CDF because we realized that we have a responsibility to protect ourselves and we will stand during this revolution. After this revolution is ended successfully, CDF will also be no longer.

Q : Is the CDF cooperating with other organizations?

A : As we mentioned in our statement, we will follow the guideline of the National Union Government (NUG) and perform it. Another one is that we will connect with the different organizations that are doing the security of Chin people.

‍Q : What is the future plan of Chinland Defense Force ?

A:  I cannot say some facts right now. But one thing for sure is that our movement will depend on the action of the military council. We will do some actions for the safety of the CDM staff, the travelers and the protests in our township.

Q: Finally, what do you want to say to the Chin people and people who are rebelling against the military dictatorship?

A: As a CDF and a civilian, I would like to say that all the people who are doing this revolution, we have to have strong morals and we need to fight this revolution successfully. And the revolution needs to be successful. At this time, we need to help each other and support each other to be united. All of our goals are the same and all are fighting to end the dictatorship, so we have to fight this without discriminating on the basis of race or religion. Last but not least, I would like to request all of the Myanmar people, the revolution must win.




May 7, 2021