verview of what happened in Yangon, Myanmar, 27 July 2021

Protest & People Supporting each other in Yangon

In defiance of the Military Council, the Students Unions of Yangon Western University & HlaingTharyar Tsp organized a guerrilla-style.

Pro-people activists from Yangon's South-Dagon Township, staged a donation for people in need.

A youth-led "From people to people" campaign was launched to distribute food items to the grassroots in Thaketa Township, Yangon today.

People to People Campaign by the youths from TharKayTa Township, Yangon today (July 26)

Youths donated various medicines and food to houses which are raising white and yellow flags in Yangon. We, Myanmar people, will not back down in the face of the Junta's oppression & will continue to seek ways to revolt and survive.

On July 26 in Yangon, there are more than 450 dead bodies of Covid victims in 4 crematoriums of Yangon. The volunteers told that the death rate decreased for 2 days. Rest In Peace, Covid Victims.

Arrests in Yangon

5 young philanthropists who have been helping to deliver medicine and foods to COVID patients were abducted at gunpoints by SAC (State Administration Council) forces in Sanchaung, Yangon yesterday.

Around 10:30pm last night on the Baho Road, Kamaryut township, Yangon, a bicyclist was slapped and abducted by the SAC (State Administration Council) thugs , then They left the bicycle at the scene.

Jul 27, 2021