n Mandalay, dedicated daily demonstrations to restore democracy in Myanmar that are held that are called the Mya Taung demonstrations, because they are in front or near the Mya Taung Monastery in the Maha Aung Myay Township. Is also known as the queen monastery, because it was built in 1888, under the patronage of the last Queen of Burma Supayalat.

After the fierce crackdown on the protestors with water canons and live ammunition by the army the number of protestors in Mandalay have gone done, hundreds of people have been arrested in the last almost 2 months and about 50 people were killed, many of them very young.

One of the most tragic deaths so far in Mandalay was the shooting of a 7 year old during a raid in the home she lived.

But the demonstrators of the Mya Taung movement that is joined by monks never stops.


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The Mya Taung Monastery has a history of protesting, they have been involved in protests against the Rohingya violence against Buddhist in Rakhine state in 2012 and the saffron revolution demonstrations in 2007.

Mya Taung Monks in iconic photo with begging bowls upside down.


Mar 6, 2021