verview of what happened in Sagaing, Myanmar on May 1, 2021

Protests Against Opening of Schools in Kalay

This morning, there was a campaign called “ Don’t apply the school, Don’t go to the school” in Falam, Northern Chin state and Schools around Kalay, Sagaing Division.

“Township administrator to bank: Why don't you open”

The township administrator of Kalay notified the local private banks to give reasons why they cannot operate with strong reason with the deadline of 3/05/2021.

“A senior nurse and her sister arrested in Kalay”

A senior Nurse and tutor from the School of Midwifery and Nursing, Kalay and her sister who is a CDM-er were arrested by the military 6:00 am this morning without any warrants. According to the family member, the soldiers also delved inside the house without permissions.

“The Military destroying agricultural materials”

According to the villagers, the military troops destroyed their tractors and other agricultural equipment, robbed the chickens and looted some money from the farmers. On April 29th,there were around 60 soldiers with trucks arriving at Aung Myittar Ward, Kalay and then across  the Myittha river. After that they went to the  villages from the east coast of Myittha river and findings.



May 2, 2021