verview of what happened in Mandalay, April 27, 2021.

Protests Mandalay Continued

Mandalay’s revolution is rising again from the ashes. Hundreds of people took the streets in opposition of military coup despite Junta’s brutal killings and shooting. Motorcycles Strike by Yadanapon University Students in Mandalay roaming around town in defiance of the military coup.

Powerful crowd by Mandalay Engineer Family took the streets with motorcycles in opposition of military dictatorship this morning. The revolutionary spirits for Federal Democracy is stronger than Junta ever imagined.

Abducted Four Civilians

At Mya Yee Nandar Housing, Mandalay, at 10:21 AM, Myanmar Terrorists abducted four civilians (two men and two women) including KoZayYarTun, a fourth year student of Mandalay Computer University.

Apr 28, 2021