verview of what happened in Yangon, 25 July, 2021

Protests & Arrests Yangon

Anti-Military Strike by staffs from ShwePyiThar, Yangon.

In Yangon, a youth-led Paper and sticker strike Campaign was held on July 25 at Thamine Junction and Myay Ni Gone bus stop.

Anti-coup night protest by banging pots & pans to out the evil Dictator was held in Yangon

SAC (State Administration Council) forces unlawfully abducted at least 8 civilians in Bahan township, Yangon and forced one of them to sing last night. And they threw the apartment with pellets

Covid-19 in Yangon

An elderly monk from Mingalardon, Yangon is suffering from Covid and oxygen level has dropped but no hospital can accept and have to bring back to monastery in the end. The healthcare system is already collasped and all these caused by junta!

In 14 wards, 20 wards and 10 wards in HlaingTharyar Township, Yangon, some residents are hoisting Yellow flags in front of their homes to ask for help due to lack of Oxygen and Medicine and Medical care.

Pro-people youths staged mask donation in Yangon's Thaketa Township.

Military forces including mufti robbed oxygen tanks from ShwePyiNyunt oxygen factory from South okkalapa, Yangon in spite of sticking the poster that they closed the factory.

From people to people campaign was also led in HlaingTharYar township, Yangon, the donors sold one egg per 50 kyats today and also distributed masks for the residents.

Jul 26, 2021