verview of what happened in Magway, Myanmar, 26-28 July, 2021

Protesters from NatMauk township, Magway region held a guerilla strike today .

Anti-coup strike in Magway's Myaing, and showed solidarity to Mandalay's MyaTaung strike that has been cracked down by Myanmar Military and a girl was killed .

Anti-Junta Dawn Strike in Myaing, Magway Region in the morning July 28.

Young activists in Pakokku, Magway Region donated rice and food supplies to disadvantaged families in the Stay Home Neighborhoods for the prevention of Covid-19 on July 26.

On the morning of July 28, KyayLatMyay (ကျေးလက်မြေ) charity group donated rice, eggs, oils and cocoa to the needy grandparents (over 80 and 90 yrs) in Magway township

Jul 29, 2021