verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, 5 Augustus 2021

Covid Support & Protests in Dawei

In Dawei, on the morning of 5 August, a group of young philanthropists organized an awareness campaign on COVID-19 disease and donated medicine and food to the public and raised three fingers salute to show their solidarity.

The students strike together with the Dawei’s main strike staged a candlelight night strike in defiance of the military regime tonight.

The Southern Strike of Dawei marched in the neighborhoods on the afternoon of August 5 to defy military rules, setting fire to MAH (General Min Aung Hlaing, who appointed himself as interim prime minister) picture as a part of anti-regime protest.

Protests in Launglon & Yebyu

Some protesters from the Launglon township strike staged a revolutionary placards strike at their homes on Thursday.

Protest rally from Longlone Township marched for Democracy.

Residents from Nyin Maw village, Long Lone marched to overthrow the dictatorship, shouting slogans against the military guard dog.

The main strike of Aut Yebyu village, Launglon Township staged a guerrilla strike against the dictator today.

Protesters from Dawei's Yebyu township staged a revolutionary placards strike against the military dictatorship today (August 5)!

Aug 6, 2021