verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, July 23, 2021

Protests in Dawei

Protest movements by the coalition strike of the Dawei’s Main strike and Students strike today (July 23).

Domestic paper strike by a group of young people in Dawei against the dictatorship today (July 23)!

Protesters from the main strike of Launglon township went on a guerrilla strike this afternoon.

Pro-democracy villagers in Ashae Taw Nel village, gathered and lit the candles in remembrance of all the fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives in spring Revolution.

Demonstrations Launglon

''We Never Kneel Down Under Military's Boots'' Pro-democracy residents from Sitpye village, LongLone Township marched with motorbikes chanted slogans against Military Coup this afternoon despite Junta's brutal abductions & deadly oppressions.

Protesters from Launglon’s Nyinmaw village strike marching against military regime this afternoon.

Domestic strike in Kanyon Kyun village of Longlone Tsp against the military dictatorship.

Local people in Auk Yae Phyu Village, Laung Lone Township marched with banner "Be United both inside and outside the prison" on the evening of July 23

Local residents from Launglon’s Natsinshwng village staged a revolutionary placards strike tonight against military regime.

Protests in ThayetChaung & Yebyu

Waso Full Moon Prayer Evening Prayer strike staged by some youths from #Panchishawng village, Thayetchaung Township to Against Terrorist Dictators.

"We stand with heroes in Insein Prison" strike by people fron Kanpauk despite the crackdown by the Junta.

Jul 24, 2021