verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, July 26, 2021

Protests Dawei & Launglon

Local residents in Dawei staged a protest against military regime at their homes today.

Pro democracy youths of Launglone Township marched in heavy rain by chanting revolutionary slogans to revolt the Military Regime

Flying the flags high, Fearless protesters in a village from Launglon Township marched on the streets with motorbikes to raise their voice in defiance of Genocidal Dictatorship.

Marching Strike by residents in Lower Yayphyu, Longlone Township, Dawei.

Fearless protesters from Nyinmaw village, Launglon Township marched and chanted revolutionary solgans to defy military rules.

Scenes of protest movements from  the Launglon’s main strike and Nyinmaw village strike on Monday 26 July.

Demonstrations Thayetchaung & Yebyu

Guerilla Strike was led by youths from NyaungZin Village, Thayetchaung Township.

Rural villagers in Thayet Chaung township took to the streets on motorcycles tonight, defying military rules.

Protesters from KanPauk area, YePhyu township held guerrilla strike in somewhere of jungle in this evening to overthrow the Military Dictatorship.

Jul 27, 2021