verview of what happened in Shan State, Myanmar, 9-11 August, 2021

Violence Shan State

SAC (State Administration Council) forces shot a 70 yo man from Wantnanma-Wantpone, resulting in tooth and upper lip injuries this morning. The clashes between SAC forces and TNLA (Ta'ang National Liberation Army) has erupted near Nantkham township, Shan state at about 4am 9 August.

At around 11:45 PM on August 8th, motorcycles and household items in the ward 7, Kyaukme Township, Northern Shan State, were destroyed by SAC (State Administration Council) due to lack of people during the search.

Military Forces confiscated about 10 houses as Military Land and started bulldozing fences in LoiLan village, Lashio, Shan State today & forced civilians to evacuate within an hour.

People to People Support Shan State

Freedom Youth Volunteers donated basic food items to 120 needy households in Lashio, Shan State

Youths from Ko Kyaw Paint Group donated rice and food to households from Payagyi North School Pariyatti School and Chan Mya Thar Si, Yadanar Thiri and Shwe ThuHtayKone wards in Taunggyi, Shan State.

Aug 12, 2021