verview of what happend on April 9 in Mandalay, Myanmar

Several Strikes in Mandalay

Mandalay Engineers family, Mandalay Yadanarpon University, Mandalay General Strike, Coffee Strike in Mogok Township, Myataung strike (one of the strongest strikes of the spring revolution) marched on the streets protesting against dictatorship despite the brutal crackdown of the junta. The protest of Mandalay Engineers family demonstrated the burning of Chinese and Russian flags before they begin to march on.

Amarapura, Mandalay: Anti-regime protest rally joined by in students and young residents.


Twilight marching strike against military coup by Medical family of Mandalay.

Civilians Shot at Manawhari, Mandalay

At Manawhari, Mandalay terrorist shot civilians who were riding motorcycle at around 12:50 pm. Their condition is still unknown


Junta Raiding and Slamming door at night

Happened in Mandalay 71 street, between 29*30street., CCTV proofs of Junta raiding and slamming the front door of a house. People have been encountering many sleepless and anxious nights.

Apr 10, 2021