verview of what happened in Mandalay on April 23, 2021.

Strikes continued

Yadanapon University Students and Monks Union Strike marched on the streets to protest military dictatorship even there were military forces ambushing in every corner of Mandalay.

Despite Junta’s inhumane killings and unlawful abductions along with Junta’s troops ambushing in every corner investigating passerby, protests  in PyiGyiTakon Tsp and Maha Aung Myay Tsp successfully marched on the streets.

Check Phones

Military terrorists were seen inspecting every passerby’s phones and motorcycles’ tool boxes in 26B st, (53x56) st, Mandalay around 9:16 am. Also Yangon and other parts of Myanmar, the military forces checked phones and houses occasionally.


Abducted Four Civilians

Military terrorists forcibly abducted two boys & two girls for no reason in MyaYeeNandar Housing Mandalay. No one knows the reason of abduction.They also confiscated phones & motorcycles.


Apr 23, 2021