verview of what was happening in Mandalay, Myanmar on April 7 2021

Yearning for peace and democracy

Although Myanmar junta has brutally terrorized to the protesters, the people from Mandalay Region showed their yearning for peace and democracy with new year flower, Padauk. Education Family, Industrial Strike, Phayagyi Peaceful Strike, Ye-U Township Strike and People of Mogok Strike took to the streets with Padauk flowers to protest against the Military Junta.

Mya Thaung Strikes never ends

Democratic warriors from Mya Taung Strike, never rest a day, continued protesting against dictatorship and fighting for democracy.

Passersby being attacked by knives

At 68, Thaik Pan street, Mandalay, a group of people (3/4) with masks attacked with knives to passer-by.

Tun Lin Aung from Mandalar University was attacked in the knee and neck and lost 2 fingers around 7PM. His motorcycle was stolen.

Dead Body found

An unknown dead body was found near military owned factory next to Yangon-Mandalay Highway Road. His face is full of injuries and bruises.

Night Strikes in wards

Night strikes were held in Mandalay's Pyigyidagun Township, Maha Aung Myay Township, Chan Mya Thar Zi Township, Aung Myay Thar Zan Township.

Apr 8, 2021