verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar 14 August, 2021

Protests Dawei

Local residents from Dawei marched on the morning of August 14, urging to drive out the evil military regime so called caretaker government.

“Accept NUG, (National Unity Government) & Reject Military” Dawei District Strike Committee & Youths from Longlone Township marched against Military Dictatorship, calling International communities United Nations to accept NUG Myanmar & Reject the Military Coup this afternoon, August 14

Some Youths from Dawei Township staged a Domestic Anti-military paper protest to take back the old blood debt of 1988 (the 8888 uprising costed thousands of lives and resulted in a new military dictatorship) in 2021.

A joint prayer service was held for the heroes who sacrificed their lives for revolution on August 10 at 44th Street, Botahtaung Township, Yangon, in collaboration with the Dawei’s main strike and the Students Strike on the night of August 14

Protests in Launglon

Residents from a village below Launglone Township protested in support of NUG (National Unity Government) Myanmar & chanted slogans such as "We don't want a Military guard dog".

Anti-Military Evening movement was conducted by young activists in the rural area of Lower Launglone Township on the evening August 14.

Anti-regime protesters from the rural area of Launglon Township took to the streets on motorcycles this afternoon, defying military rules.

A group of protesters in a village of Launglon township went on a guerrilla strike today in support of National Unity Government and in defiance of military regime.

Aug 15, 2021