verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar, 19 July, 2021

Myanmar Martyrs' day in Dawei

Dawei Main Strike and Students Strike gave respect to Fallen Martyrs' on Myanmar Martyrs' day.

A group of young people in Dawei protested against the military dictatorship on July 19 to mark Martyrs' Day.

In commemoration of the 74th Martyrs' Day today, many young people in Dawei laid a wreath at the memorial this early morning.

Residents of Dawei staged a protest at their houses against the military dictatorship on the afternoon of July 19 to mark the 74th Martyrs' Day.

Locals from the southern part of Dawei marched against the military dictatorship on the evening of Martyrs' Day.

Myanmar Martyrs' day in ThayetChaung

In a village of Thayet Chaung township, local residents staged a protest in commemoration of 74th Martyrs’ Day which falls on July 19.

Local residents from PaneTaw Village Thayet Chaung township marched in commemoration of Martyrs Day this morning.

Myanmar Martyrs' day in Launglon

The Launglon Township Basic Education Students' Union paid tribute to the fallen General Aung San and other martyrdom leaders on July 19.

Local residents in a village of Launglon township staged a protest against military regime today (July 19).

Anti Junta Early Morning Strike in MaungMakan village, LongLone Township on Martyr's day which falls on July 19.

A movement to commemorate Myanmar Martyrs & end military junta was held in Thakyat Taw village, Launglone Township, Tanintharyi Division, on Martyrs' Day today.

On July 19, a Martyrs' Day celebration was held in Wadi Village, Launglone Township to pay tribute to the fallen martyrs despite in the rain.

Anti-regime marching strike was also seen in SitPye village , Longlone township, on July 19

Youths from northern LongLone Township pay tribute to the fallen martyrs including General Aung San (Father of imprisoned state councilor Aung San Suu Kyi) and his colleagues who fight for Democracy from generation to generation on Myanmar Martyrs' Day.

Residents in Mae Maw village, LaungLone Township marched on road to lay wreaths in commemoration of the 74th Martyrs' Day and to protest against the military dictatorship.

A paper strike was held in Aut Yebyu Village, Launglon Township on the afternoon of July 19 to mark the 74th Martyrs' Day.

In the evening, there was a demonstration against the military dictatorship under the sign reading "Martyrs never die" in Auk Yephyu village, Longlone Township which is being violently suppressed.

Local residents of KaNyone Kyun village Launglon township took to the streets on motorcycles on the afternoon of July 19 and laid wreaths to pay tribute to the martyrs on the 74th Martyrs Day.

A tribute paying ceremony was held along with anti-dictatorship protest by local residents of Nat Sin Shawng, Pyin Chaung, Minma Chaw and Kyet Yet Twin villages in Launglon Township on 19 July

Footage of protest movements in Tizit village Launglon township this afternoon.

An anti-military protest took place on July 19 in Wa Byaw Village, Laung Lone Township.

On the afternoon of July 19, a protest march was held in Kone Zayat Village, Launglon Township to commemorate the 74th martyrs day.

An anti-military protest and 74th anniversary of the Myanmar Martyrs' Day took place in Kyaukpon Village, Launglone Tsp on July 19.

Despite the rain, anti-regime protesters from Aut Kayukwut village Launglon township marched in defiance of military regime this afternoon.

Myanmar Martyrs' day in Yebyu

People laid wreaths in commemoration of Martyrs' Day and protested against the military dictatorship in YayPhyu Township, Dawei District.

The guerrilla strike, in Yebyu Township, This evening marks the 162th day of anti-military protests in Kanpauk area and they celebrate the 74th Martyr's day to make a wreath for the missing.

Jul 20, 2021