verview of what happened in Tanintharyi, Myanmar 7 July, 2021

Demonstrations Dawei

Students in Dawei raise half a flag in protest of the July 7, 1962, massacre by the Dictator Nay Win, calling for the overthrow of the military dictatorship.

Pro democracy young people in Dawei put the students’ union flag at half-mast and held anti coup guerrilla strike in honor of 7th July massacre .

A group of revolutionary youths from the Dawei’s southern strike marched this evening against military dictatorship, marking the 59th anniversary of the martyrdom of students died in Ne Win’s Massacre.

The anti-dictatorship protesters from the Ashaetaw area in the eastern part of Dawei township staged a candlelight protest march tonight to mark the 59th anniversary of the martyrdom of students who were killed by Ne Win’s regime on July 7, 1962.

Demonstrations Launglon

Dawn Strike against Military Dictatorship in LaungLone Township despite rain.

A commemoration ceremony for the 59th anniversary of 7 July was held in a village in Laung Lone Township, led by the Democracy Strike Committee (Dawei District).

Dawn Strike against a violent dictator took place in MaungMaKwn Vilage, Launglone township on July 7.

Pro-democracy residents of all ages rallied in Pandale Village, Launglon Township to show their commemoration for students massacre by SAC (State Administration Council) forces on July7, 1962.

This morning, the Aut Yebyu Basic Education Students' Union of Launglon paid homage to the students and martyrs who died on July 7, 1962, and dressed in uniforms to protest against the military dictatorship.

"Never forget July 7'' Youths from Kanyonekyun village, LongLone Township held a protest this afternoon.

Protest march in commemoration of Unforgettable 7th July by local residents of Nyawbyin village Launglon township this afternoon.

This afternoon anti-regime protesters from Launglon’s Aut Kyaukwut village marked the massacre of hundreds of students at Ne Win's era on July 7, 1962.

A protest against the military dictatorship took place on July 7 in Kadet Nge Seik village, Laung Lone Township.

An anti-military protest took place in Wadi Village, Launglone Township, today (July 7).

Demonstrations ThayetChaung & Yebyu

Despite the rain, protesters marched to overthrow the dictator and chanted Unforgettable 7th July slogans in Thinkyun Village, Thayetchaung Township this morning (July 7) !

Candlelight Night Prayer Strike was held in Nyaungzin village ThayetChaung township to commemorate the martyrdom of students who were killed by Ne Win’s regime on 7, 7, 1962

Anti-regime protesters from Kanbauk area of Yebyu township marched this afternoon in commemorating of Unforgettable 7th July.

Arrests in ThayetChaung

Last night, the SAC military soldiers abducted three villagers from Saw Pyar village, Thayet Chaung, #Dawei. "The victims are Ko Min Swe, Ko Thar Nge, and U Sein Ngwe, originally from Saw Pyar village. They have been accused of the killing of a former village admin. I think they are ordinary villagers and are innocent," one of the friends of the detainees said.According to a witness, the soldiers entered the village and indiscriminately fired several gunshots in the village and arrested those three villagers.

Jul 8, 2021