ince the coup in Myanmar started in February, different revolutions are happening around the country. People against the coup are peacefully protesting, beating pots & pans at night, demonstrating with different strikes online and offline. But the Military council crack down the demonstrations with violence, arrested civilians and incinerated the properties of residents. 
Civilians tried to protect themselves for the safety of their own regions. In Chin state, there were already two ethnic armed organizations (Chin National Front) and (Zomi Revolutionary Army). But the organizations could not cover and protect the Chin townships, thus the Chinland Defense Force (CDF) was formed on April 4, 2021.

What are the goals of the CDF in Chin state  ?

The Chinland's Defense Force goals are to protect civilians from the terrorist military council, abolition of the 2008 Myanmar constitution, to end the dictatorship and to establish a federal union.


How is the Chinland Defense Force organized ?

Being very new the Chinland Defense Force is still organizing, according to interview held with Zalen New Media the CDF works with different cells, each of them defending a different township. The CDF doesn't see themselves as an army but as an force that protects the civilians of Chin State. If the military becomes violent or arrests civilians they will fight back.

What kind of weapons is the CDF using ?

The Chinland Defense Force is buying light weapons like M-16, AK (Kalashnikov) & Tue Mee (local made hunting rifles, which almost every home has) and trains anyone who wants to be part of the group. The M-16's and AK's are smuggled into Myanmar by international smugglers.

Vice article with more photos of the Tue Mee Hunting Guns

The CDF says they won't attack the military without reason, they will always first do a warning, like release prisoners, stop using violence against civilians.  If the military doesn't listen they will react with guerilla style or other action.

Once the revolution is succeeded they will return their weapons and dissolve the defense force.

‚ÄćFight against informers of the police &¬†military

The Chinland Defense Force will also go after the informers that help the police and military, they categories informers in three categories : Red, Yellow & Black. Those informers in the red category, those known for reporting CDM staff and their family will be arrested or shot.

Reported clashes with the Chinland Defense Force

Most of the clashes between the CDF and the Myanmar army are around Hakha, Kanpetlet, Mindat, Matupi and Thantlang townships. Underneath are some clashes from the last months mentioned.


On Tuesday 29 June about 40 soldiers and police officers were killed by the Chin Defence Force in Hakha and Falam as a response to the illegal logging and continues threats against the public in the area by the police force and the obstruction of food transport. In Hakha the CDF attacked the Bonzum Police Station during a 5 hour fight and about 20 police officers and soldiers were killed. In the Falam clash near Wai Bu La Town about 20 soldiers were killed while 4 people fighters of the CDF lost their lives when a fight with about 100 military soldiers erupted. .


Clashes happened in Hakha & Thantlang townships, on Thursday 10 June, 10 Junta soldiers were reported to have died when the CDF ambushed 70 regime troops patrolling the Hakha- Gangaw Highway. 17 soldiers of the Myanmar army, including an army captain were killed the same day during a clash north of Thantlang Township. The clashes in Hakha have as goal to free 80 arrested people who were detained by the Junta for protesting or having anti regime photos on their mobile phones.

Three bombs killed three members of the CDF in a house in Myo Thit ward, Hakha on saturday the 5th of June.

On the 4th of June the CDF killed three Army soldiers in the Magway border village Shwe Aung Thar

2nd of June there was an ambush on 60 army soldiers in Shweaungtha village, 3 soldiers were killed.  

21 May a clash in Falam was reported, CDF claimed 6 soldiers were killed in an ambush on a truck, that brought in Military enforcements on the Falam - Kalay road. The truck was later thrown of a cliff according to the Chinland Defense Force.

18 & 19 May fights broke out in and around Chin States capital Hakha. According to the CDF, 10 Junta soldiers died, 7 on Tuesday 18, and 3 on Wednesday 19 may. The CDF attacked a police post in Hakha and military trucks bringing reinforcements.


Battle of Mindat

Half may, Mindat was under siege from the military, after they declared martial law, cut of water supplies in the town and labeled everyone who doesn't cooperate with them as terrorist. The military brought in reinforcements with dozens of helicopters, because their trucks over the road got ambushed by the the CDF. Eventually about 1000 army troups were fighting in Mindat against about 400 local fighters from the Chinland Defense Force who decided to retreat to prevent it from further bombings from heavy artillery, fired from Kyaukhtu, but said it will come back when they have better weapons. Once the Junta forces broke the resistance, they arrested any men inside the houses of Mindat. At least 5 members of the CDF were killed and thousands of people from the city have fled and are living now in camps in the surrounding forests. Mindat has been a ghost town since the battle.

The CDF & Military agreed on a ceasefire between June 20 & July 19


Other clashes happened in the capital of Chin state Hakha and during several surprise ambushes form the CDF. On sunday 2 and 3 may 2021, 8 soldiers were killed in Hakha by the Chinland Defense Force.

One of the latest reported ambushes of the CDF is the capturing and destroying of a police post on May 8.

The Chin Defense Force is using rifles and weapons they normally use for hunting and because they know the area inside out. They can surprise the army in the hilly region with ambushes they don't expect.

End of Aprli the Chinland defense force had a four day battle Mindat that left 30 SAC soldiers death and resulted in a deal where captured soldiers were exchanged for arrested youths and the retreat of the Myanmar army from Mindat. The fights started when the Military starting shooting during a protest to free 6 prisoners.

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May 1, 2021