he SAC or State Administration Council was installed one day after the Junta regime took over power in Myanmar on February 1 2021, just hours before the newly elected parliament of Myanmar would be installed. The SAC took over all legislative, executive and judicial powers of the state Myanmar.

The Junta claimed there was fraud during the general elections of 8 November 2020, that were won by the NLD of Aung San Suu Kyi. And that the Union Election Commission failed to properly perform its duties to ensure a free, fair and transparent election.

SAC installed state of Emergency in Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi and president Win Myint were put under arrest and the SAC installed a one year state of emergency on February 2, which was extended on august 1, 2021 to August 2023. During this year the SAC has said they will investigate the voter fraud and will held new elections once their process of investigation is finished. In July 2021, the SAC declared the 2020 elections as invalid and on 1 august 2021, it says it will held new election in August 2023.

The coup has been widely condemned and the people of Myanmar are in a resistance against the SAC coup.

The State Administration Council says the coup was legal under Article 417 of the constitution, which grants the president the right to declare a state of emergency in “circumstances which may cause loss of sovereignty or disintegration of national solidarity.”

After the coup, demonstrations erupted all over Myanmar. After a few weeks the Military started to brutally end the protest with extreme hard crackdowns that included shooting protesters with sharp through their heads.

After these hard crack downs demonstrations became smaller, youths joined ethic armed groups and the overthrown government (NUG) tries to start a federal resistance army called Peoples Defense Force.

Currently the main goal of the SAC is maintain law and order and to restore community peace and tranquility in Myanmar and to establish a federal state based on multiparty democracy within 12 or 18 months if circumstances allow, according to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in an interview half May 2021, with Hong Kong Phoenix Television.


Decisions and policies implemented by the SAC include a cyberlaw that makes internet providers accountable for preventing or removing content that "cause[s] hatred, destroy unity and tranquility" and requires ISPs to store user data at a government-prescribed location for a minimum of 3 years.


Members of the SAC, Myanmar

The SAC is formed by 8 military's representatives and 8 civilians. The chairman of the SAC is General Min Aung Hlaing, born 3 July 1956 and the commander in chief of the military of Myanmar. He appointed himself as the new prime minister of the caretaker government.

All military members of the State Administration Council, live in the same Anawratha ward in Zeyathiri township, Naypyidaw the capital of Myanmar. Justice for Myanmar made a list of SAC Members, their family members and their businesses.

Minister of Information: Chit Naing

U Chit Naing, born 1948 is the minister of information and responsible for the propaganda of the Junta. He is responsible for state-owned media (MWD, MRTV, Myanmar Alin, Kyemon and Global New Light of Myanmar newspapers and the Myanmar News Agency (MNA) and Myanmar Digital News). He started banning words like:  “coup”, “military regime” and “junta” in the media. Media licenses of several news magazines and papers were revoked including:  Mizzima, Myanmar Now,  Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB).

Other SAC Members

  • Vice Senior General Soe Win (Vice Chairman)
  • Lieutenant General Aung Lin Dwe (Secretary), Judge Advocate General of the Tatmadaw (Myanmar Army) & Secretary to the Peace Negotiation Committee.
  • Ye Win Oo (Joint Secretary)
  • Soe Htut Lieutenant General Minister of Home Affairs, Responsible for the Myanmar Police Force, Fire Service and Prison Service
  • Than Hlaing is the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Chief of the Police
  • Ko Ko Hlaing is the Minister of International Cooperation
  • Tun Aung Myint is the Minister for Ethnic Affairs
  • Tun Tun Naung is the Minister of Border Affairs;
  • Pwint San is the Minister of Commerce;
  • Win Shein is the Minister for Planning, Finance, and Industry;
  • Thet Khaing Win is the Minister of Health and Sports
  • Khin Maung Yi is the Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation.
  • Aung Naing Oo Minister for Investment and Foreign Economic Relations
  • Thein Nyunt, Born; 26 December 1944, Former NLD member and founder of New National Democracy Party (NNDP)


SAC Meeting
SAC Meeting in February 2021


The State Administration Council works together with the USDP (Union Solidarity and Development Party), the political wing of the military.

The army has been a ruling force in Myanmar politics since general Ne Win overthrew the democratically elected government staged a coup in 1962.

The army in Myanmar owns many businesses with which they enrich themselves and fund their military operations.

Ethnic Members of the State Administration Council

Mahn Nyein Maung - Member SAC

Highly controversial are the roles played by ethic members of the SAC; Mahn Nyein Maung, a former Karen National Union leader, Rakhine politician Daw Aye Nu Sein from the Arakan National Party, Kayah politician Saw Daniel former vice-chairman of the Kayah State Democratic Party until his party removed him for joining the State Administration Council on February 4.  

Dr. Banyar Aung Moe, a central executive committee member of the Mon Unity Party was appointed as a member on march 21, 2021 after 2/3 of the party members voted for joining the SAC.

Shan politician Sai Lone Hseng from the military aligned Union Solidarity and Development Party :

Sanctions against SAC members

Several countries including the United States, UK, Canada and the European Union, imposed sanctions against members of the SAC because of committing serious human rights violations since February 1, 2021, including killing civilians and unarmed protesters, restricting freedom of assembly and expression including through restricting internet access, arbitrary arrest and detention of opposition leaders and opponents of the coup. The SAC has adopted legislation violating the right to privacy and the right not to be subject to arbitrary detention in Myanmar.


Sanctions include:  visa bans, the freeze of assets and bans on doing business with SAC member associated companies.

Countries that back the SAC are Russia & China


Military control in politics

The SAC appointed new army related people on key post like regional ministries, the central bank and city councils and mayor functions.

On 11 February, the SAC installed State and Region Administration Councils, representing the SAC in the several regions and districts of Myanmar.


August 1 the SAC installed a caretaker government with General Min Aung Hlaing as prime minister and is saying to hold elections by august 2023 upon which time the state of emergency will last.

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Apr 25, 2021