verview of what happened in Tanintharyi

Protests in Dawei

Despite of strict security and violent arrest by Military Terrorists, people of Dawei are still protesting against the military dictatorship.

Never Cold-Blooded Dawei! In Dawei, Protesters from Main Strike & Youths' Strike held a paper strike against military dictatorship along with candle lights tonight. If you have revolutionary spirit, you can protest against Military Coup in every possible ways

Demonstrations in ThayetChaung

Anti-Military Dawn Strike in Village of Thayetchaung Township.

''We Never Silence Under Military Dictatorship'' Pro-democracy youths from ThakyatTaw village, LongLone Township held a protest against the Military Dictatorship in the rain despite having junta's brutal abductions and deadly oppressions.

Anti-military strike led by women in Yan Taung village and Nyaung Zin village, Thayet Chaung Township was held on July 15 to overthrow the Military dictatorship.

On the evening of July 15, women activists from Nyaung Zin village and Yantaung village of Thayetchaung Township marched to demand the overthrow of the military dictatorship.

Demonstrations in Yebyu & Launglon

"ဒီတော်လှန်ရေးမှာ အမျိုးသမီးတွေပါမှနိုင်မှာပါ" ကံပေါက်အမျိုးသမီးထုသပိတ်စစ်ကြောင်း In Kanpauk area, Yebyu Township, Dawei District, to mark the 158th day of the overthrow of the military dictatorship on the evening of July 15.

In the evening, women from various protest in Laung Lone Township joined the "Dawei Women's Mass Movement" against the military dictatorship, chanting slogans against the dictatorship.

Students from KyatYat Twin , Mainma chaw, Pyin Chaung, NatSin Shawng Villages, Launglone Township protested together to overthrow the military dictatorship.

An anti-military night strike was held on July 15 in Auk Kyauk Wap village, Laung Lone Township.

Jul 16, 2021