verview of what happened in Yangon, Myanmar, 3-4 August, 2021

Protests in Yangon

August 4, Valiant and bold civilians of Yangon, came out on the streets tonight to protest against military dictatorship, using Guerilla tactics.

A youth in somewhere of Yangon launched Home Paper Night Strike calling for Democracy and the fall of the dictatorship on August 4.

In Sanchaung township, Yangon, about 100 SAC (State Administration Council) forces arrested 15 civilians for banging pots & pans in their houses and threatened on August 4 night.

Covid-19 in Yangon

The queue who waited to get Covid19 vaccinations in Tarmwe township Yangon 3 August.

SAC (State Administration Council) propagandized the deceased list of COVID 19 infection in Yangon, even in fact, about 17715 corpses just within the last 2 weeks of July, were cremated.

In a ward in Yangon, pro democracy youths, donated food items today under the "People-to-People" program.

As Covid-19 cases surge to record levels in Myanmar, Red Cross volunteer teams have worked with World Food Program to provide much needed food aid to 230,000 people in areas of Yangon over the past month.

The Nwe Aye Sunni Jame Mosque Social Welfare Association in Yangon distributed the oxygen-carrying equipment's needed to treat Covid-19 at the original price.

Yangon based Comedy Youth Charity donated medicines and basic foods to the public families who were suffering from many difficulties of foods and health problems due to the third wave of Covid19.

Aug 5, 2021