verview of what happened 9 & 10 August in Yangon

Demonstrations Yangon

Today Protest by youths from Yangon chanting anti Coup slogans on the Roads and demanded for restoration of Democracy on August 9.

In Yangon 10 August, youths from Insein township protested against the military dictatorship, holding the banner and to mark the 46th Kachin National Martyrs' Day.

Peaceful Protestors in Yangon marched today and showed their solidarity with the oppressed people of Thailand.

Anti-coup solo strike in Yangon's South-Okkalapa Township.

Road Blocks & Arrest in Yangon

10 August in some parts of Yangon, members of the fully armed Military Council strictly inspected taxis & private cars by blocking roads.

Members of the military junta violently attacked and arrested two civilians near the Kamaryut Grand Hanthar Hospital in Kamaryut, Yangon on the evening of 10 August.

Covid-19 Support in Yangon

"From people to people" Yangon Division, KwanChanKone Township On August 9, the people of the revolution handed over one bag of rice to the people in Myoma ward. They donated 50 kyats of oil and 10 eggs.

Aug 11, 2021