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Upto May 1, 28 civilians in Chin state were killed and more than 200 were arrested, according to the Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO).

Over 18,000 people are currently hosted in 74 displacement sites in Mindat, Kanpetlet, Hakha, Matupi and Thantlang townships in Chin state : according to Reliefweb

Selected Social Media Stories from Chin

Chin State is a difficult to access hilly state located in east of Myanmar, bordering Bangladesh and India with Township Hakha as the capital. Chin is famous for it ethnic tribes like the faced tattoo woman, the Chin people live in a bigger area covering parts of Bangladesh and Mizoram in India, referred to as Chinram. Chin was one of the last areas of Myanmar that fall under British rule, and currently the Chinland Defense Force is fighting a guerilla war the State Administration Council. Chin is the poorest state of Myanmar.

Selection of Social Media Posts from Chin State


Interview CDF - 7 May - Protect Chin Civilians

Interview with CDF spokesperson Salai BawRit on may 7, about how the Chin Defense Force was formed and what they try to do.

Students Against Education & Ambushes CDF, Chin State 6 May

Students protest against opening of the schools and education system. The ambushes of the Chin Defence Force CDF, continue in Chin State on 6 May

Clashes between Military & Chin Defence Force in Hakha, 3 May

Clashes between Military & Chin Defence Force in Hakha, Myanmar leave 4 soldiers dead on May 3, 2021

Protest, Balloon Protest and Fighting in Chin State on May 2

Protest, Balloon Protest in Mindat and Fighting in Chin State on May 2, 2021

Who are the Chinland Defense Force (CDF), Chin Myanmar

The Chinland Defense Force (CDF) is a group of fighters that started to resist against the Military coup.

Interview Chinland Defense Force, Myanmar 26 April 2021

Interview Chinland Defense Force, in Zalen New Media, Myanmar 26 April 2021.

171 Chins Arrested by Junta since crackdown intensifies

171 Chins are arrested in Myanmar since the military coup in Myanmar started on the 1st of February.

Protest at K'Cho New Year Festival in Chin State

Protest at K'Cho New Year Festival in Chin State

Youths arrested in Hakha, Chin, 29 March

6 Youths were arrested in Hakha, Chin state Myanmar on 29 March after they organized a dawn protest

Night Protesting in Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar - 16 March

Night Protesting in Hakha, Chin State, Myanmar - 16 March

More information about Chin State Myanmar

The remote area of the Chin hills which until recently lacked a proper infrastructure, has high poverty rates, it's the poorest state of Myanmar, the average income is about 1.2 USD a day. Better roads and infrastructure need to facilitate economic development. Chin state became mainly Christian because of American missionary's work that started in the 1890's.

Interesting fact about Chin State, is that it is the most western occupied territory of the Japanese during WW II. The Japanese conquered Chin state in November 1943. Violence from the military is not new in Chin state, the ethnic groups in Chin state have been suppressed for year. There are many accounts the military used Chin villagers into forced labor like porter functions.

A quote from a lady from Thantlang township captured in a 2009 Chin State Human Right Watch Report, referring to the free services they had to deliver to the Myanmar army :

"They  said, 'You are living under our authority. You have no choice. You must do what we say.'

The Chin National Army resisted from 1988 until they signed a ceasefire in 2012

Livelihood Development Project of ADB - Improving Infrastructure

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High Quality video report of 2 days in Chin State