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Selected Social Media Stories from Kachin

Kachin is Myanmar's most north western region, bordering India and Tibet. Underneath you find the latest articles collected about Kachin and a social media feed.


Sticker Protests & Demonstrations in Kachin, 17 May

Sticker Protests & Demonstrations in various Townships including Hpakant & Bhamo in Kachin, Myanmar 17 May 2021

Demonstrations in rain, arrests, no school strike Kachin, 1 May

Demonstrations in rain, arrests and a no school strike is what happened in Kachin, Myanmar on 1 May

CDM evicted from housing, flower strikes in Kachin, 11 Apr

CDM staff evicted from staff housing, people to people donations, peaceful protests and a flower in Kachin on April 11

Soul, Tree & Boat Strike Demonstrations in Kachin

A soul strike, take what you need, give what you can campaign and demonstrations were happening in Kachin on April 6 & 7.

Gunfire in Bhamo, Creative protesting in Myitkyina, Kachin 4 April

Gunfire in Bhamo, creative protesting with stickers and eastern eggs and a peacefull protest in Hpakant Township, happening on 3 and 4 April in Kachin, Myanmar.

Brave Protesters Kachin don't give up on Democracy.

Brave Protesters Kachin don't give up on Democracy. Uprising must succeed.

Refugees are fleeing Kachin, Myanmar

In Kachin state, Kids,refugees from InGyanYan town has fled to the forest since the military terrorist attacked with airstrikes on those areas.