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Amarapura, Mandalay




Revolutionary Thingyan in Mandalay on 16 April

Myanmar people do not participate in fun activities for their new year Thingyan in regard of their strong will against military dictatorship.

Strikes and raiding by the Junta in Mandalay on April 9

Strikes of several groups, shooting and raiding of houses by the Junta in Mandalay on April 9

Grenade, Continues strikes and Night Vigil in Mandalay 5 April

A grenade was used by the military who are driving on stolen motorbikes and checking people on spring revolution tattoos while the strikes in Mandalay continue on April 5.

Demonstrations going on; 10,000 people demonstrate in Amarapura 3 April

Even though there have been brutal killings by the Junta, Several strikes where happening in Mandalay. The Students union strike, Motorbike Strike, Education Family and Mandalay Yadanapon University students for example. In amarapura 10,000 + people gathered to demonstrate.

Motorcycle rally, monks & student strike in Mandalay 31 March

Motorcycle rally, monks & student strike against the military coup in Mandalay 31 March

Fire and random shooting in Mandalay, 28 March

Protest continue while fire destroys dozen of houses and random shootings create fear in Mandalay, 28 March