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Kamaryut Township Yangon

Kamaryut Township Yangon




Guerilla Protests, Arrests & Violence in Yangon, 18/19 August

Guerilla Protests Against Junta in Dala & Hlaing, Arrests & Violence in Yangon, Myanmar, 18/19 August 2021

Informant killed, Police Checks & People Support Yangon, 17 August

Police Informant Kamayut killed, Police Checks Cars & People Support in Yangon, Myanmar, 17 August 2021

Anti Coup Protests, Arrests & Covid Support, Yangon 9-10 august

Anti Coup Protests, support for Thailand, Arrests & Covid-19 People Support, Yangon< Myanmar 9-10 august, 2021

Anti-coup protests & covid-19 people support Yangon, 2 August

Anti-coup guerilla protests in Hlaing and other townships & covid-19 people support Yangon, Myanmar, 2 August 2021

Military arrests Youth Helping Covid-19 Victims, Yangon, 27 July

Protests & Military arrests Youth Helping Covid-19 Victims, Yangon, Myanmar 27 July 2021

Stay at Home Orders - Covid Hits Yangon, July 8

Stay at Home Orders while Covid Hits Yangon, Myanmar, military continues intimidation, July 8, 2021

General Min Aung Hlaing Birthday Protests All over Yangon, July 3

Flash Mobs wishing General Min Aung Hlaing dead during his birthday protests were all over Yangon, Myanmar July 3, 2021

Anti Military Demonstration, Protest and Raids in Yangon 1 July

Anti Military Demonstration, Protest, Explosion in Sanchaung and Raids & Arrests in Yangon, Myanmar 1 July, 2021

Anti-regime Guerilla Demonstrations & Inspections, Yangon, 21 June

Anti-regime Guerilla Demonstrations & Inspections in Kamaryut, in Yangon, Myanmar 21 June, 2021

Demonstration, Protests, Raids & Bombs in Yangon, June 14

Demonstration with 200 youth, Candle light Protests, Raids & Bombs in Yangon, Myanmar June 14, 2021

Hlaing Flash Mob Cracked Down, Administrator Shot, Yangon, 8 June

Hlaing Flash Mob Cracked Down, home protests, bombs & administrator shot dead while people support each other in Yangon, Myanmar , 8 June 2021
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Paper plane, No Fly Zone Protest in Yangon 22 May

On may 22, 2021 many youth in several townships of Yangon, including Thaketa & North Dagon, created Paper planes with messages to ask for No Fly Zones in Myanmar.