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Demonstrations, Monk Protest & Covid Support, Mandalay 17 July

Demonstrations, keep going, while Monk Protest & people give each other Covid-19 Support in Mandalay, Myanmar 16-17 July, 2021

Flash Mobs & Monk Protest against military dictatorship, Yangon, 24 June

Flash Mobs in North Okkalapa & Thaketa, a Monk Protest against military dictatorship, and inspections happened in Yangon, 24 June

Demonstrations, Protest, Violence & Arrests in Yangon on May 20

Demonstrations and Protests in several townships including South Dagon & ShwePyiThar, violence & arrests by the State Administration Council in Yangon, Myanmar on May 20, 2021

Strikes Continued and Check Phones and Vehicles in Mandalay 22 April

Strikes in Mandalay continue, the Military Forces check every passby's phones and vehicles toolboxes and abducted four civilians in Mandalay.

Revolutionary Thingyan in Mandalay on 16 April

Myanmar people do not participate in fun activities for their new year Thingyan in regard of their strong will against military dictatorship.

Crackdowns, shooting & military checks, Mandalay 6 April

Strikes continue all over Mandalay region even though there are crackdowns, shooting & military checks in Mandalay on April 6 2021.

Grenade, Continues strikes and Night Vigil in Mandalay 5 April

A grenade was used by the military who are driving on stolen motorbikes and checking people on spring revolution tattoos while the strikes in Mandalay continue on April 5.

Monks Union Strike in Mandalay on 29 March

Monks Union Strike and candlelight vigils in Mandalay on 29 March to protest against the military coup in Myanmar.

Mya Taung Strike Mandalay - 25 March 2021

MandalayÔÇÖs education family and Industrial Strike joined together to protest against military coup.

Monks Joining Silence Protest Mandalay - 24 March

Monks Joining Silence Protest in Mandalay on 24 March after a 7 year old girl was killed by the military a day earlier.

Mya Taung, the daily demonstrations in Mandalay

In Mandalay, Myanmar there are daily demonstrations under the name Mya Taung, named after the Mya Taung Monastery in which vicinity they are held.