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North Dagon township Yangon, Myanmar

North Dagon township Yangon, Myanmar


North Dagon


8888 Myanmar Uprising, Demonstrations & Protest, Yangon, 8 August

33rd 8888 Myanmar Uprising Anniversary Demonstrations & Protests in several townships of Yangon, 8 August 2021

Military collects energy bills, Bombs Explode, Yangon, 9 July

Military forcing people to pay energy bills, while Bombs Explode at power supply offices, Yangon, Myanmar, 9 July, 2021

General Min Aung Hlaing Birthday Protests All over Yangon, July 3

Flash Mobs wishing General Min Aung Hlaing dead during his birthday protests were all over Yangon, Myanmar July 3, 2021

Anti-regime Guerilla Demonstrations & Inspections, Yangon, 21 June

Anti-regime Guerilla Demonstrations & Inspections in Kamaryut, in Yangon, Myanmar 21 June, 2021

Protests against Military Dictatorship & Shooting Yangon, 17 June, 2021

Protests against Military Dictatorship in ShwePyiThar & Shooting & Arrests in Yangon, Myanmar 17 June, 2021

Pro-democracy Flash mobs, Protests & Arrests; Yangon 15 June

Pro-democracy Flash mobs, Protests against sexual violence, Bombs, checking, raids & arrests; happened in Yangon, Myanmar, 15 June, 2021

Demonstrations & Black 4 Rohingya Campaign, Yangon 13 June

Flash Mob demonstrations, Black 4 Rohingya Campaign, a bomb blast, raids & arrests happened in Yangon, Myanmar on 13 June

Hlaing Flash Mob Cracked Down, Administrator Shot, Yangon, 8 June

Hlaing Flash Mob Cracked Down, home protests, bombs & administrator shot dead while people support each other in Yangon, Myanmar , 8 June 2021

Demonstration, Protest, Strikes, Pamphlets & Arrests in Yangon, 6 June

Demonstration in North Dagon, Protests & Strikes in Shwepyithar and other townships, Pamphlets & Arrests in Yangon, 6 June

Demonstration & Creative Anti-Coup Protests in Yangon, 30 May

Brave Demonstration in North Dagon, various creative Anti-Coup Protests in several townships of Yangon, Explosions, Raids & Arrests happened 30 May 2021

Stop Playing For Myanmar & more Protest in Yangon on May 29

Stop Playing Football for the national team of Myanmar and more protests happened in Yangon, besides the ongoing explosions, raids, arrests and intimidation by the military of Myanmar.

Demonstration, Sticker Protest & Raids in Yangon 23 May

Demonstration Shwepyitha, Sticker Protests, A vandalized church , ongoing Raids, an Explosion and Arrests happened in Yangon, Myanmar 23 May, 2021

Demonstrations, Paper planes protests & Arrests in Yangon, May 22

Brave youth stii holding demonstrations in Yangon, lots of Paper planes protests for No Fly Zones, Bombs & Raids & Arrests in Yangon, Myanmar , May 22 2021
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Paper plane, No Fly Zone Protest in Yangon 22 May

On may 22, 2021 many youth in several townships of Yangon, including Thaketa & North Dagon, created Paper planes with messages to ask for No Fly Zones in Myanmar.

Demonstrations & Arrests in Yangon, Myanmar on May 19

Despite the arrests, the demonstration keep on going strong in Yangon, Myanmar on May 19.