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Demonstrations, Monk Protest & Covid Support, Mandalay 17 July

Demonstrations, keep going, while Monk Protest & people give each other Covid-19 Support in Mandalay, Myanmar 16-17 July, 2021

Strikes in Mandalay and Cracked down by the Military in Mandalay 12 May

Strikes in Mandalay and Cracked down by the Military in Mandalay.

Strikes and Abductions continued in Mandalay 9 May

Strikes against the Military Dictatorship continued and Abductions by the Military Junta Happened in Mandalay on May 9.

People & Yadanarbon students marched the streets in Mandalay 7 May

Mandalay Coalition strike and the Yadanarbon students marched against the military regime in Mandalay on May 7, 2021.

Protests and Abduction continued in Mandalay 27 April

Demonstrations against the military dictatorship and forceful abduction continued in Mandalay, April 27.

Strikes marched, Abduction and Raided by the Military in Mandalay on 23 April

Strikes, abductions and raids by the Military Junta continue in Mandalay on April 23.

Strikes Continued and Check Phones and Vehicles in Mandalay 22 April

Strikes in Mandalay continue, the Military Forces check every passby's phones and vehicles toolboxes and abducted four civilians in Mandalay.

Strikes in Mandalay, Blue Shirt Campaign and Hospital Raids Mandalay 21 April

Strikes in Mandalay continued to march, Myanmar people join Blue Shirt Campaign to release all political detainees and the military forces raided the general hospital to detain CDM doctors.

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